Saturday 23 April 2016

Product Review~Snalthy

One fine afternoon, I received a mail from Snalthy asking me if I would like to sample their products and review them. The name intrigued me and a visit to their website revealed that Snalthy is short for Snacks made healthy. I checked their list and found quite an impressive array of products. My affirmation led to the products getting delivered within few days. 
One of the prime reasons why I jumped into reviewing their products is the fact that at one point of my life I was struggling hard to lose all the baby fat I had accumulated over the years and was experimenting the eat-healthy, frequent snacking formula. I was in hostel then, midway through my Physiotherapy course, that the enlightenment occurred. I decided I had lived the fat-girl life enough and started on a religious exercise regime. I eliminated all sorts of junk food and started to make the right choice in eating. It was a little tough journey as I had to constantly struggle through but I happily achieved it with my perseverance. 
The product made me remember those days and I was wishing if only someone had come with it way back then. 
Snalthy was the brainchild of three friends who came up with the idea of providing a product which has a threefold property of :
a) Using no Refined / Bleached flour (Maida), White sugar, Hydrogenated fat (Vanaspati), Baking powder, Baking soda, Emulsifiers, Artificial colours, Artificial flavors, etc.
b) Providing snacks in limited calorie single serve pack ensuring freshness in every bite
c) Using baking, roasting, toasting methods rather than the frying method. 

Snalthy offers wide varieties of healthy, tasty, nutritious with all natural ingredients and zero added chemicals snacks ranging from cookies, bars, Indian snacks, sweets, rusk, baked fruit chips & fruit sticks, bread sticks, breakfast, dry fruits and nuts. Snalthy also have snacks for special needs like obesity, low sugar, grandparents, sports etc. Snalthy packs can fit in kids snack box, backpacks, car dashboards, travel pack, office worktables and lots more.

I received 12 packs of their products which was an assortment from their huge list. 
The first one that I opened was from their Rusk section called the Mixed nuts rusk. Mini bite sized rusks with no apparent taste or texture of the nuts disappointed me a bit. 

The products from their Baked chips section had five varieties of Salted potato chips, an interesting Orange banana sticks, salted apple sticks, garlic breadsticks and my favourite amongst the entire lot crispy Mexican chips. 

Their chips are crisp and a yummy baked alternative to the regular fried ones. I particularly loved the Mexican ones because of their perfect flavouring and the orange banana ones for their newness. 

Under the cookies section, I received 2 , Cocoa almond and almond cookies.  
Both are yummy and flavourful and the best part is that you can taste the cane sugar added instead of the refined one. 

Their crackers section had 2 varieties, the spinach and methi crackers.
I found them both a little bland for my taste buds but yes they are crisp and you can make out the usage of wheat flour in their ingredients. 

In their Bars section, I found their sesame and raisin bar delicious but their caramel toffee is a bit chewy and sticks to your teeth

Snalthy has an all over India free delivery and to my experience they are very prompt in their customer relations. The products have a little steep price tag with everything at a Rs 189 figure. Therefore for the consumer to buy a pack of cookies which has just about 4 tiny pieces or baked chips which are just about a handful is a little alarming. 
But the thing to remember is that you will be paying for product which uses only whole wheat flour and cane sugar which are healthier substitutes and even their mode of cooking is healthier. And you have to remember this while tasting most of their products otherwise you will find them not upto the mark. 

I wish Snalthy all the best for their endeavor and may they continue to bring in healthier and safer snack options to people.  
Visit their website to know more details :

Happy Snacking

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