Tuesday 16 December 2014

Heritage Walk by G.H. Munn and the Lalit Great Eastern

With the excellence of G.H. Munn champagne an unforgettable walk through one of the most iconic building The Lalit Great Eastern, Kolkata, was synchronized with a synergy of a perfect blend of colonial heritage and historically celebrated G.H. Munn Champagne on December the fifth two thousand and fourteen. 

G.H. Munn, one of the oldest champagne houses from France in association with the Lalit Great Eastern organized Heritage Walk for select guests with the idea to bring two legendary brands together with a history dating back almost two centuries. 

The unique heritage walk offered up close and personal experience of classic,timeless elegance of the past while appreciating the subtlety of fine champagne- G.H. Munn paired with a well curated menu that the Lalit Great Eastern is known for. 

The walk commenced by taking the guests through the Legacy Lounge where both the legacy of the G.H. Munn Champagne and Lalit Great Eastern was showcased. 

This was followed by the glorious looking swimming pool at the center of the palatal hotel coincided by the overlooking full moon which made the evening more exquisite in ambiance and also in mood. The Jacob's Creek Reserve Chardonnay offered a perfect melody.

The walk to the third location was reserved at the Gazebo which was surrounded by majestic and historic architecture creating a perfect ambiance to experience and savour the finest Jacob's Creek Reserve Shiraz.

The walk ended at the Bakery House at the Heritage Block II reflecting the Victorian era where Jacob's Creek Classic and Jacob's Creek Reserve wines were served along with the finest options of the open menu the the Lalit Great Eastern is known for.

The Lalit Great Eastern Hotel stands today as an amalgamation of three styles of different eras of history- Victorian, Edwardian and Contemporary that is reflected in three different blocks respectively, making it one of the finest luxury hotels in Asia. Conversely, G.H. Munn, a prestige Champagne House, has been blending the finest vintages since 1827. It is the number one international champagne brand in France and the third best selling selling Champagne in the world. G.H. Munn has been a story based on traditions, expertise and excellence. 

The tour itself is a memorable experience offering a visual and gastronomical delight to everyone passing through the old world charms across the splendid hotel. 

Vishal & AmritaTupper


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