Wednesday 5 October 2016

Welcoming Festivities with fun, fervour and hygiene

India is the land of Festivals with each having its own charm and significance. The basic purpose being getting together and celebrating life in general with new clothes, gossips and lots of  food.  Month long preparations begin where meticulous plans are carried out to make the most of the upcoming festivity.

This time of the year brings along a string of festivals. With the nip in the air and the appearance of new blooms, nature announces the beginning of the most important  festival amongst Bengalis-Durga Puja. Calcutta being a very cosmopolitan city, it is amazing to see people from all religions get together to celebrate the festival of cuture, passion and artistic expression. All over  the city,  beautiful and intricate Pandals are set up which compete with each other in detailing, craftsmanship and innovation. 
Year long preparations are done to decide the theme, colours and the detailing which includes the idol Durga with her 4 children who are believed to have descended on Earth at this time of the year.

The run up to the celebrations include buying new clothes, getting rid of new and buying new things for the house and most importantly maintaining a clean and hygienic surrounding in and around the house.

The seasonal change brings with itself the appearance of all sorts of insects esp cockroaches in the house. Cockroaches are carriers of bacteria that can lead to an array of diseases from diarrhoea to food poisoning. The presence of cockroaches should be taken very seriously  as they can live in all places and corners of the house, in cracks and crevices, behind cylinders, under the cabinet etc. They crawl on food and utensils at night and spread food poisoning and they love to hide in hard to reach areas where regular cleaning does not help.

A regular cleaning regime becomes important to ensure a check on cockroaches and with the festival season approaching it becomes all the more important to combat them with sure shot methods. Some of the things to remember are never to leave food in open esp at night, ensuring areas like sink, under cabinet and around cylinder are clean as these are some of the most favourite hiding spots. The most effective way to maintain cleanliness in all areas is the usage of Godrej Lal Hit as it comes with its unique deep reach nozzle which helps to kill even the hidden cockroaches. Use Godrej Lal hit every month and ensure a safe hygienic and clean household.

Welcome the season of festivals with lots of fun , fervour and assurance from Godrej Lal hit to have your house free from the menace of cockroaches.

Happy Durga Puja to all of you.

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