Thursday 9 July 2015

Hilsa festival at The Gateway Hotel, Kolkata

Hilsa or Ilish is a fish that food connoisseurs esp in Bengal die for. Monsoon being the best time of the year to relish on the magic of a Hilsa, The Gateway Hotel, Kolkata have come up with the most awaited Hilsa Festival which is on from 10th July to 26th July, 2015. 
We were invited as part of Kolkata Food Bloggers to ride on this gastronomical ride and enjoy the delicate flavours of Ilish. Executive chef Asish Roy was very kind to guide us through the dishes on list for the festival and informed us of the carefully selected recipes that belong to West Bengal and Bangladesh. 
We were served with a Mango lassi kind of preparation which is from Bangladesh and is called Mango Labang. This was soon followed by a Thali of some carefully selected dishes showcasing the specialties of the ongoing festival. The starter called Ilish Pithe, another Bangladesh specialty, was an amazing way to get introduced to the wonders of the Hilsa. Thereon we savoured on many dishes like Doi Ilish, Ilish Tok-jhal, Ilish Mishtikumror jhol, Ilish Pulao etc. A special mention goes to the amazing dish called Smoked Hilsa where the chef has used western flavours by using fillet of boneless Hilsa smoked with jasmine rice, honey and a dash of pommery.

The festival is on for Lunch-12.30hrs-1500hrs and Dinner- 1930 hrs-2300hrs
Meal for two-INR 1500 aprox, inclusive of taxes(The price is based only on main course items)

Enjoy glimpses of the lip-smacking Hilsa delicacies

Mango Labang
Ilish Pithe
Smoked Hilsa
Ilish Mistikumror Jhol
Narkol diye Ilisher Paturi (Boneless)

Ilish Pulao
Doi Ilish
The review Thali
The entire spread
Amrita & Vishal


  1. Hi Amrita, how you doing? Nice posting, all the food look extremely good. I especially love the pulao.
    Excellent pictures, thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice day, regards.

    1. Hello Amelia, long time. I have been good. How about you? Thank you for the liking the post.



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