Saturday 20 June 2015

Shuktara Cakes

The boys(image taken from

An invite to attend new launch of products in French Patisserie was enough to make me jump on the opportunity and reach Park mansions where the occasion was held last Friday. Intrigued by the name and the mission, I read up on their website and was amazed at the story. 
Shuktara is a charity that provides care in a home environment to children and adults with disabilities who have been orphaned or abandoned. 
Shuktara Cakes is the brainchild of Alain Cojean, who runs a chain of restaurants in Paris called Cojean and a Foundation called Nourrir, Aimer, Donner (Eat, Love, Give). Alain was so deeply touched that he decided to give vocational training by starting a French Patisserie training centre. A team of boys were taught the intricacies of French Patisserie by Fabien Rouillard, former Head Executive Pastry Chef at Fauchon, a gourmet food company in Paris and Shuktara Cakes was officially launched on 10th March, 2013. 
Shuktara cakes serve you with the best quality of French products like Madelienes, Financiers and cakes.Their range of fresh baked cakes include Chocolate cake, Marble cake, Fruit cake, Orange  & poppyseed cake and Cinnamon & Walnut cake. 
Financiers, as Lora Chantebel, business consultant, told us uses traditional French recipe made of almond powder, flour, eggs and sugar, shaped like a ingot, and are perfect for tea time or breakfast. She also enlightened us on the history which says that a French pastry chef called Lasne invented them to delight financials without getting their hands dirty. 
Madeleines, a small cake with shell shape is created in assortment of colours by team Shuktara Cakes. 
Friday saw the launch of new flavours in Madeleines - Chocochip, Chocolate and Orange.
With their bright packaging and amazing aunthentic flavours, Shuktara Cakes are really a treat. Shuktara cakes take orders and deliver high quality products and can be contacted here :

Enjoy the glimpses of the evening that was enriched with the lovely smell of French Patisserie. 

Chocolate cake

Orange and Poppyseed cake

The attractive packaging of Madeleines

Financiers-my personal favourite and their best seller
The new flavours in Madeleines

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