Thursday 26 February 2015

Magnum Mega launch, Kolkata

Magnum finally arrives in Kolkata.
Magnum is one of world's leading ice-cream brands and takes pride in the fact that they have collaborated with the finest Begian chocolate Callebaut. 
Kolkata Food Bloggers were invited to attend an evening of glitz and glamour for the launch of Magnum at Taj Bengal with the dapper chef Kunal Kapur and the pretty Soha Ali Khan.
The Magnum masterclass with chef Kunal Kapur began with the introduction to the world of Belgian chocolate and the composition of a dark, milk and white chocolate. The entire audience was enthralled with the chocolate facts. With a high percentage of cocoa, Belgian chocolates are certainly very rich and indulgent. 

Our tables were soon adorned with bars of premium ice cream and my pick was the Magnum Chocolate Truffle. 
A rich, creamy chocolate ice cream coated with world's finest dark chocolate, my Magnum experience was truly a chocoholic lovers dream come true. With each bite, I enjoyed the distinctive cracking from the coated chocolate on the ice cream. 

Chef Kunal Kapur prepared a patishapta, a traditional bengali dessert, and filled it with chunks of Magnum ice cream with some help from Soha Ali Khan. The dish was sprinkled with some colourful toppings.
The whole thing left me unimpressed as I found that it is best to leave Magnum in its original state to make the most of it.

The evening came to an end, with each table being given the chance to make their own Magnum Sundaes.

Kolkata will soon get to taste Magnum from March 1, 2015 and it will be available in three flavours-Classic, Almond and Chocolate Truffle. Priced at Rs 90/- for each bar, the ice cream is indulgent but definitely worth the money. 

Happy Magnum Indulging

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