Tuesday 25 March 2014

Smoke House Deli

Smoke House Deli
Quest Mall, Beckbagan
Pocket pinch for two: Rs 1800/- approx

Kolkata Food Bloggers monthly table meet for March was unanimously decided upon Smoke house deli which has been getting rave reviews since it opened doors. A bunch of us decided to have our lunch there on a Saturday afternoon. 
One of the first thing that will strike you is their decor which is simple, minimalistic yet very impressive. The entire place is done up in an off white tone which transmits you to a Victorian time.
Their seating capacity is pretty large and in no time we saw the entire seats full. A reservation beforehand is recommended especially on weekends to avoid long waits.
My fellow bloggers including me had a hard time deciding on our dishes and kept leafing the pages of their menu card for a long time before we decided to start with a soup. 
We ordered a Baby fennel+smoked chicken+thyme soup (Rs 220/-) and got it divided into two helpings. The soup had strong and beautiful flavours of the fennel and I loved the smoked chicken bits in it.

We were served a complimentary and a very cute Bread basket along with butter which was enjoyed with our soup.

My fellow blogger friend Manjari ordered a Lemon Mint Iced tea for herself which according to her was a little overpowering in the lemon juice but was enjoyed nevertheless.

Finally it was time to decide our dishes. Each one of had our picks and very soon our table had some very impressive and well presented dishes.
Chilli crusted Bekti+lemon+thyme (Rs 590/-) was served with a bed of creamy rice and steamed vegetables. The fish was cooked perfectly and had a lovely hint of lemon to it.

Peri Peri rubbed grilled chicken+citrus Pimento (Rs 430/-) was served with potatoes and a side salad. I found it a little spicy for my taste buds and a little salty too but the chicken was grilled to perfection.

House special Tenderloin steak (Rs 520/-) was served with vegetables and in a gravy which again I found a little salty for my taste. I loved the dollop of sour cream on top which balanced the overall taste. Overall I found this dish quite impressive.

Spinach+Ricotta Ravioli (Rs 430/-) was the best dish of the day for me. It was served with a very flavourful tomato sauce which had perfect seasoning and came with an olive tapenade. The pasta was thin and had a beautiful filling of spinach and ricotta cheese. Certainly my favourite dish so far.

It was time for desserts and like the main course we struggled to finally decide on a helping of Bitter Chocolate+Orange ganache Torte with ice cream (Rs 190/-). The dessert was a big let down though it was rather presented well. The ice cream complimented the otherwise lame pastry very well but being a dessert freak I could not make myself eat more than a tablespoon or more.


Disclaimer :  The views and opinions shared here are my own and I have not been compensated in any way for the same


  1. The chicken dish looks pretty yummy, too bad it's too salty!

    1. I know Yen, we wish the salt was less because otherwise the dishes were great.



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