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Chawlas 2 : Restaraunt Review

Chawlas 2
43 Ballygunge Gardens
033 40630000
033 40640000
Meal for two- 800-900/-

Being married to a wonderful wife, who also happens to be my co-blogger at Sweet'n'Savoury, from an amazing Sikh family from Punjab, I personally have had the privilege to relish and understand the dynamics of the Punjabi cuisine, both at home and at various restaurants.

At first instance my reaction toward reviewing Chawla's was an underlying understanding of the conventional Punjabi Restaurant experience around the city. The overall dining experience was refreshing and different in many aspects.

The Chawla's Restaurant wears a very classy outlook with everything from the entrance to the interiors very tastefully done considering the minutest details in mind.

The walk up the staircase with the sketches and portraits of the Maharajas and the Maharanis warmly welcomes you to a expect a very royal culinary pampering. 

The overall food quality and Standard from the Starters to the Main Course and the Desserts were brilliant.

Starters and Refreshments

The Mutton Kebab (Adrak ke Panje) (Rs 245/-) was exceptional. It is very rare that we come across mutton kebab of that quality. The meat came off the bones so effortlessly and the mild ginger flavour was not overpowering at all. It was a real treat and we thoroughly enjoyed it.
Tandoori Chicken (Rs 320/-) was different than the usual with the non staining red food colouring which is usually added. Chicken Malai Tikka (Rs 210/-) was brilliant as well. 
Tandoori Stuffed Potatoes (Rs 165/-) had a beautiful presentation and flavours making the simple grill look very eloquent. We loved the juiciness of the grilled vegetables served with it.
The overall quality of the kebabs was brilliant highlighting the flavours, doneness (perfectly cooked) and the retention of the inherent juices. The flavours were very well balanced.
I must make a special mention about the cream salad which was served with each plate of kebabs. It was outstanding with its creaminess and was a wonderful accompaniment. 
The kebabs were also served with coriander chutney.  
The serving size and quantity was adequate.

The Soda Shikanji (Rs 40/-)was one of the best that we have had. The masala was very natural since it was self-prepared and not too over powering like the ones that is served with Jaljeera. It was not too over fizzy as well. A great refreshment.

The Masala Papad (Rs 25/-)had a great presentation however there was a strong ‘pepper hotness’ to it which, in a Punjabi restaurant, can be overlooked.

Main Course
The overall quality, serving quantity, presentation of the main course was brilliant as well. We particularly like the following aspects of the main course:

  The flavours were very well balanced. Usually in a typical Punjabi Restaurant there is a natural exhibit of the dormancy of a single or selected masala. Usually the garlic, ginger, chilli or tomato overpowers the other ingredients. However in Chawlas the balance of flavours were very subtle and to perfection.

  The overall food quality was not too rich. In many restaurants there is an over greasy or fat/butter inducement that does leave a heavy after taste. However we found the dishes at Chawlas on a lighter side and very enjoyable. 

The signature Chawla’s Cream Chicken (Rs 450/-) had very different flavours to it which ee thoroughly enjoyed.

Mutton RoganJosh (Rs 250/-) was cooked very well and came off the bones easily. It had very well balanced flavours.
Butter Chicken (Rs Rs 450/-) was very natural and without the usage of artificial colours. It was very soft, light and flavourful.
Daal Makhani (Rs 135/-) was again very light and flavourful without the aftertaste of the heaviness of the cream that collaborated the other concoction of other dishes. 

 The naan rotis were very flavourful and soft that complimented the main course dishes very well. We were served Butter Naan (Price:45/-), Garlic Naan (Price: 50/-), Lachha Paratha (Price:45/-) and Tandoori Roti (Price:15/-)

The traditional Gajar-ka-Halwa (Rs 95/-)was opted in the dessert section which was so much better than what we have had a most places. 

The overall service of the waiters was very courteous, clean, prompt and timely. The lead attendant was very presentable and spoke courteously. The apparel was clean.

The service timing was very well managed. We particularly liked the little break that was there in between starters and main course. It gave a nice time to chit chat and enjoy the dining experience.

The pricing of the dishes was very competitive. 

We at KFB have been thrilled to have the chance to dine at the Chawlas. We would certainly be back with family and friends sooner.

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Happy Punjabeing

Vishal & Amrita

The views expressed are solely an individualistic expression and is an honest presentation of the views of the reviewers.  The reviewer was not paid and the review is unbiased. 


  1. Hi Amrita, thanks for sharing this awesome review. I especially like the tandoori and refreshing drinks. :))

    Best regards.



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