Tuesday 10 September 2013

BonGoan-a review

The Chef at large-Kolkata Blogger's table and members of Kolkata Food Bloggers finally got together for their first meet at BonGoan, Kolkata which specializes in Goan and Bengali cuisine with some Chinese thrown in as well. 
The ambiance of the restaurant is very simple with a cozy and small space. The neon lights were a rather put off, especially for taking pictures of food. 
The staff comprising of a lone waiter, was very prompt and had a pleasing attitude. The food however took longer to be served, considering we were the only ones there. 
Since I am personally not familiar with the Goan cuisine, I happily let my fellow bloggers decide on the dishes. 
For starters, the choice was: 
Lottya fry (Rs 120/-) which is Bombay Duck fried in a batter and served with french fries and salad. 
We found the batter a little too thick and the pieces of fish lost in it. An averagely scored dish.

Spicy Chilli Babycorn (Rs 90/-) Chunks of Babycorn stir fried with a garlicky chilli sauce. 
For me personally the word spicy was heavily underplayed. The dish was way too spicy and chilli for my palate and I had to drink water to gulp it down. 
This dish must come with a warning.

Sesame Fried Prawns in Continental sauce (Rs 300/-)
Prawns coated with a crispy batter with sesame seeds and deep fried.
This was by far the best dish of the day. Unanimously, we enjoyed this 'crisp to perfection' dish with very balanced and subtle spices.  

Chicken Sweet Corn Soup (Rs 120/-)
A humble chicken soup with sweet corn kernels.
Though I did not personally taste this soup, it was announced not good and lumpy in texture.  

Our Main course comprised of :
Mutton Vindaloo  served with steamed rice (Rs 250/-)
An authentic Goan dish with strong vinegar and garlic flavour.                            
The dish that we were served had an unusual tanginess to the dish which left our palates with the strong vinegar flavour. A more balanced vinegar could have made this dish a winner.

Chicken Xacutti (Rs 200/-)
Another Goan delicacy which consists of poppy seeds, coconut and dried red chillies.
This dish stood true to its name and was loved by all. Lovely combination of spices made it the 'dish of the day' for us.

Pork Bhuni (Rs 150/-)
A popular Anglo-Indian dish authentically cooked with dill leaves and potatoes.
The dish served to us looked colourful with dices of pork, potatoes, onions and tomatoes. Though I did not taste it myself, my friends found the pork chewy.

Being an avid Dessert lover, I had very less choices but decided to go with the authentic Goan sweet dish suggested strongly by Sayantani.
Bebinca (Rs 120/-)
A traditional Goan layered pudding which uses plain flour, egg yolks, ghee and coconut milk.
For someone who has never heard of the dessert, the one we got served did not look good at all. I could not understand the layers and did not appreciate the taste of it. Ours was served with a caramel kind of sticky sauce on it.

The meet was made extra special by Sayantani who baked a lovely chocolate cake to celebrate Kamalika's birthday. Covered with chocolate cream, it was truly a decadent delight and the highlight of the evening.

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Address: 817/4, Opposite State Bank, Kalikapur Road, Kalikapur, Kolkata
Contact Numbers: 033 24842480, +91 8420291730
Hour : 12:30-3:00 pm and 6:30-10:30 pm
Do not serve Alcohol
Credit Card accepted 


  1. New follower here. U have a brilliant collection of recipes !

  2. Hi Amrita the food look delicious. Love the vindaloo mutton, awesome. :)

    Have a nice week ahead.



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