Saturday 1 December 2012

Favorite Rice Dishes Event Roundup-A big Thank you to all

The month of November came to an end and it also brought an end to the event Favorite Rice Dishes that I have been Guest hosting for Swathi of Zesty South Indian Kitchen. Though very frankly I haven't been able to do much justice to her wonderful event. I even made a silly typing mistake in giving my email ID which was realized and corrected only by the 20th. Have to thank Nandita of Nan's Yum-Yum's for letting me know of the typing mistake..sorry Nandita should have listened  to you earlier!! 
So dear friends if your sent recipe is not in the list below, please forgive me and inform me at so that I can do the needful and add to enrich the list further.

The early bird and the last contributor coincidently were the same- Roha Khan who blogs from an amazing site called Hyderabadi Cuisine. Her site is an insight to the rich and famous world of hyderabadi food.
Her first entry was Hyderabadi Gosht ki Tehri
and her last entry to the event was the yummy  Chawal ki kheer aur Puri

Sherin Jos Payyappilly blogs from Kuk's Kitchen
Sherin is a Doctor by profession who loves to cook and serve and has an amazing collection of food from different cuisines.
Her entry was truly a treat for the soul-Keralan Chicken Biryani

Babitha Costa blogging from Babi's Recipes who loves to cook different dishes for her two lovely children sent us two very simple and elegant recipes.
vegatable pulao
and a very easy to cook Chicken Biryani
Chicken briyani

Sushama Pinjala who blogs from My Kitchen to Yours loves sharing simple and amazing recipes sent us my personal Favorite Chickpea Pulao

My dear Malaysian friend Yen who is a passionate foodie and photographer blogs from Eat Your Heart Out- Goodyfoodies. She sent me two amazing recipes, one of which is the Malaysian National dish called Nasi Lemak.She wonderfully paired them with Sambal prawns.
Her other entry, a treat to the eyes, was the very beautiful looking Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Swathi Iyer, the brainchild of this series of event, who blogs from the very famous site called Zesty South Indian Kitchen sent her very amazing and traditional Coconut Rice.Her awesome collection of recipes and food photography can make anyone hungry.

Pallavi Purani, a full of life person who in her own words is an IT someone waiting to quit and fulfill her culinary dreams, blogs from Cook-Eat-Burrrp. She sent us a very healthy recipe with soya nuggets called Mexican Rice

Nandita Pai Shirali, a very sweet person who is a Technical writer and is passionate about writing, loves to create her own version of dishes. She blogs from a very picturesque site Nan's Yum Yum's!
She sent us very creative, colourful and healthy Broccoli Stir-Fry Rice that she paired with a capsicum bhurji

and a very interesting one pot meal in Chana pulao/Chickpea pilaf

Ramya Kumar who blogs from ramyaskitchen sent us a very appetizing Soya Kesar Pulao where she used soya milk to cook rice.

Sireesha Puppala, a passionate foodie and photographer, loves to give a step by step description of her dishes. She blogs from Siri's Food Flavours and sent us her very beautiful and interesting twist to leftover rice Onion Ghee Masala Rice/Onion Rice

Suja Manoj, a husband wife duo who share their love for food, love to cook, plate and take pictures together. They blog from Kitchen Corner-Try it and sent us a lovely Fried Chicken Biryani

Farah Saleem Azeez who blogs from My Cookbook loves to experiment with different dishes and comes out with a variety of recipes to suit your taste buds. She sent us a very healthy and yummy recipe Broccoli and cucumber rice

Sowmya who blogs from a strictly vegetarian recipe site Nivedhanams , shared a very traditional and famous recipe from South India Idli  

Anjana Chaturvedi, a mother who very sweetly started blogging to help her newly wed daughter with recipes and tips to cook, shares only amazing vegetarian satvik food at Maayeka. She sent us a very wholesome Aloo matar Tehri/Matar vadi wale chawal

Ruchi Indu who blogs from a site named Ende Kushini sent us a Beef Biryani which is loved by her family

Rajani who loves cooking, writing and taking really amazing photographs blogs from My Kitchen Trials. She sent us yet another beautiful version of Chana Pulao

and a very healthy and appetizing Vegetable Khichdi

Lastly, I list the entries by your's truly. I have tried to share recipes which incorporate rice in different ways including in a sweet dish. 
I shared a biryani Mutton Biryani-Amma's recipe

khichdi from Karnataka Bisi Bele Bhath

traditional recipe from Bengal Mishti Pulao with spicy Aloo dum

tried and tested Mummy style Fried Rice loaded with cashewnuts

and ending on a sweet note with a traditional Bengali recipe Nolen Gur-er Payesh/Kheer

I thank each and everyone to be a part of my first event and enriching it with all your amazing out-of-the-world recipes. Please feel free to leave your suggestions and comments to help me grow better.

Happy Cooking and Sharing


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Archana..will love to send you some entries soon.

  2. Beautiful round up Amrita, lot of great dishes are here. As time permits I will visit each one of them.

    1. I just could't have done anything without your help dear. Thanks for everything.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Sireesha..your participation is much appreciated

  4. Such a brilliant round up Amrita. U took so much time and effort, I can see, in getting this post together. Much appreciated my dear. Great going. Luved this event and will join in for future events too dear.
    Happy cooking :-)

    1. Thank you Sherin for actually took me the whole day to compile.

  5. Wonderful roundup and a great collection dear..

    1. Thank you Suja, your contribution is so appreciated.

  6. Beautiful !!Presentation and Round up Amrita :)
    Thanks you dear :)

    1. Thank you so much sent us amazing entries.

  7. Awww... thanks for that sweet write up Amrita :)And u r most welcome! :) This is a fab round up... u did great!! :)

    1. Thank you Nandita..couldn't have done without your help;)

  8. nice round up Amrita

  9. Hi Amrita, thanks for hosting this. You did a great job!

  10. Thank you Yen for some amazing entries

  11. Beautiful presentation Amrita.... You have done a great job. Would love to participate in future events too..

    1. Thanks Ruchi, was a great opportunity to get to know all you wonderful people.

  12. Very beautiful round up girl :) keep it up!!

  13. Hi Amrita, excellent round up. Everything look so tempting and yummy. Keep up the good work.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Amelia, really appreciated.



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