Sunday, 31 July 2016

Chocolate mud cake with SMBC frosting

It was time of the year to bake a cake again and I jumped on the opportunity to try my hands on some techniques I have never tried before. It was my dear Husband's birthday on the 27th of this month and more than us, our daughter Vaanya was super excited about the celebration. The cake was attempted keeping Vaanya and her fetish with pink in mind. And boy, how elated she was to look at it. 
I had seen a similar image of a cake on Pinterest one day and had decided to attempt it. With the D day nearing, I pushed myself out of a lazy slumber and bought the necessary equipments and ingredients. The cakes were baked a night before and while they got baked in batches, I made the icing. The cakes were cooled, stacked with the icing in between and given a crumb coat. Next morning, I gave all the finishing touches to the cake while my daughter was away at school. The cake was dressed up in a pink drip and adorned with buttercream flowers. I knew Vaanya was going to love all the pinkness.  
The day was spent in a long drive to the highway and once we came back home in the evening, Vaanya was eager to have the cake cut. The day came to an end with the cake cutting, eating cheer and laughter. May God bless us with such beautiful moments forever.

Chocolate Mud cake 

Recipe source : Cocawind

My notes : 
  • I halved the recipe and then pour the batter in two 6" round pans.
  • Baked them at 180 degree Celsius for 20-25 mins. 
  • Made other half of the recipe and repeated to yield four 6" round cakes.
  • Trim tops so that all are equal.
Swiss Meringue Buttercream icing (SMBC) 

Recipe source : Here

My notes : 
  • I followed the recipe to the T
  • Separated 3/4 of the icing and kept separate for frosting the cake.
  • Added pink food colour till I achieved the desired colour and frosted each cake layer with it. 
  • Once all the layers were stacked, I frosted the outside and refrigerated to set. I kept mine overnight. You may keep for 3-4 hrs.
  • With a glass of hot water and an offset spatula, give the cake a final frosting finish. Every time dip in the hot water, wipe your spatula and try and give a neat finish to the frosting. 
  • Refrigerate

Pink Drip : 

Take equal quantity of white chocolate and cream. Heat cream and add chopped white chocolate to it. Stir it well. Add little milk to make it a little runny. Add pink food colour. 
Take spoonfuls of the drip and pour on the edge of the frosted cake, all around. Now fill the top of the cake with the drip too. Refrigerate.

Buttercream flowers

To the rest of the SMBC icing, divide into 4. Colour pink to one part, purple to another, green to the third and leave the 4th as it is. 
Pipe pink icing to a piping bag with a Rose petal nozzle and pipe flowers over a piece of butter paper and over a flower nail. Once done, transfer the piece of butter paper to a flat plate and refrigerate.
Repeat same with purple flower.
Watch here 
Pipe some of the icing(not coloured) over the top of the cake, half an inch behind from the outer diameter. 
Peel the flowers from the butter paper and put on the cake. Arrange it the way you want.
Pipe the leaves with a leaf nozzle.

Happy Cake decorating


  1. Such beautiful and neat work! I am totally inspired to try out a tall cake next. And thank you for having so much faith in my recipe!

    1. Hey, that recipe is quite a full proof one and the cake was loved by all. Thank you for the appreciation. Really looking forward to your tall cake attempt 😊

  2. It looks fantastic. .This month 13 was also my hubby's birthday and I also made chocolate mud cake but not tall . inspired by you now getting the courage of making a tall cake next time.

    1. Thats wonderful. Do try the tall cake. Thankfully mud cake has a tight crumb and works beautifully for tall cakes. Do share when you try. 😊 Happy baking.

  3. It is in my bucket list to go for tall cakes. Beautifully done.

    1. Thank you. It is a very tight crumb cake, perfect for heights and carvings. Do share when you make.

    2. Thank you. It is a very tight crumb cake, perfect for heights and carvings. Do share when you make.



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