Friday 14 August 2015

Tiranga Bread Roll

My daughter, Vaanya, had Independence day celebrations at her Montessori today. All parents were informed a couple of days back to dress up their child in colours that represent the National flag. I must confess that I have been the laziest Mom around in terms of showing enthusiasm for such events by running around arranging dresses. This time I wanted to be different and decided to charge up my lazy self and go the market to buy a piece of cloth for her dress. Thankfully my Mom is an expert in stitching and happily agreed (with much more enthusiasm than mine) to stitch a frock for Vaanya. With one day left for the celebrations at school, me and my mom were discussing the buttons and ribbons to be added and so finally the frock was ready. A beautiful dress with the colours of the flag for my most beautiful daughter who was equally happy to wear it to school and participate in singing 'Nanha Munha Raahi hoon'. 

  This year while scratching my head on a recipe for Independence day celebration, I strictly avoided going the sweet way. I was reminded of these bread rolls that my mom made often. Grated cucumber, carrots and crumbled paneer with crushed peanuts make way into these crisp bread rolls. The combination is amazing and I can eat 2-3 of them in one go. Since the filling has all the colours of the flag, I nudged my Mom to help me make this recipe for the blog. 

 Ingredients : Makes 12 bread rolls
  • 12 slices of white sandwich bread, edges trimmed
  • 2 medium sized carrots
  • 2 medium sized cucumbers
  • 100 gms paneer
  • 50 gms roasted peanuts
  • salt and black pepper powder to taste
  • Vegetable oil for deep frying
Procedure : 
Peel and grate carrots and cucumbers. 
Take a little butter in a pan and saute the carrots and cucumbers till the water from the cucumber dries up. 
Crumble the paneer and add. Mix well.
Add salt and black pepper to taste and mix well.
Remove from heat and allow to cool. 
Crush the roasted peanuts and add to the mixture. 
Heat oil in a deep pan for frying. 
Take a bowl with water wide enough to dip the bread slice.
Take one bread slice at a time, dip it for a brief second and squeeze out the water by pressing between your palms. 
Take a portion of the carrot-cucumber-paneer mixture and put in the middle of the bread slice.
With your hands shape the bread in a roll and keep aside. Repeat the same with all bread slices.
Once all are ready, deep fry them till golden brown.
Enjoy them with your cup of tea or relish with some tamarind chutney or ketchup. 

Happy Independence day


  1. Perfect with a cup of tea,bread rolls looks yummy

  2. bread rolls looks yummy, a perfect snack on a rainy day

  3. Wow, your mum stitches pretty frocks :) Vaanya looks adorable! And love the simple recipe you have shared here. I am definitely trying this soon. With the monsoon season in Bangalore, such deep fried yums sound heavenly... adding in cucumber and carrots makes it sound healthy :D

    1. Thanks Nandita. Mom sure is a lifesaver, most of the times. I have loved this recipe since childhood. Happy to share it ☺



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