Saturday, 8 October 2016

Celebrating Durga Puja with some Natural sweetness

Durga Puja celebrations are on full swing.  Almost every locality is trying their best to showcase intricate craftsmanship and detailing on the Pandals. These pandals are a piece of art in itself where inspirations are drawn from all walks of life. So while, one pandal is highlighting the tribals and their lifestyle , another one has chosen the theme Butterfly or Prajapati, as they call in Bengali, this year. You truly have to see it to believe it that the decorations are so life like and so intricate. 

The essence of Durga Puja is an amalgamation of the culture, artistic expression and the joy of celebration. People get dressed up in their fineries and visit each pandal with enthusiasm and joy. Another thing celebrated during Puja with fervour is the love of food. People enjoy the nightlong Pandal hopping along with eating out.  From roadside stalls to high end restaurants, every place is full of people who are celebrating Ma Durga and her arrival on Earth. 

Food forms an integral and important part of the festivity. The young ones like to put their hands on streetfood like Puchka, jhalmuri , momo, ice cream etc . While some others like to indulge in traditional food, in the form of Amish and Niramish thali (Veg and Non veg).  

Streetfood is high on demand at this time of the year, where people like to just grab something on the go. Amongst others,  Ice creams are an eternal favourite with people of all ages. With the weather still humid and the scorching sun, people love to relieve the heat by indulging in some yummy Ice cream. Keeping the traditional flavours in mind, Mother Diary has come up with a new flavour, Nolen Gur Ice cream. Bengal is well known for the sweet Nolen gur available, which is basically date palm jiggery. This gur is used extensively in many traditional Bengali sweets and other desserts. Using the same gur in an ice cream, gives you a natural and organic sweetness. 

Us being, total Ice cream lovers, found ourselves digging into the Nolen gur Ice cream cups. The natural sweetness and the beautiful brownish hue of the Ice cream rings traditional bells and is a wonderful way to celebrate the season of Festivity.

It is available in pack sizes of 750 ml and 90 ml and is priced at Rs 150/- and Rs 20/- respectively. 

Happy Puja Binging

Disclaimer : This post is in association with Mother's Diary

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