Friday, 13 May 2016

Rendezvous with Raj Barir Khawa dawa at The Gateway

The Gateway Hotel, Kolkata recently invited KFB for a tasting of their upcoming festival called 'Rajbarir Khawa Dawa' where they will be showcasing selected dishes from different Rajbari's. 
With just two days left for me to begin my vacation, I was unsure of attending the same till K asked me to join her and so I ended up enjoying a sunny afternoon relishing Bengali cuisine. Nothing like meeting good friends over a sumptuous meal. 
Greeted very warmly by PR Ritu and executive chef Asish Kumar Roy, we started our roller coaster ride on the various influences on Bengali food. 
Chef Asish tells us about the impact of Mughal and British influence on Bengali food and how certain dishes have evolved through those influences. Different Rajbari's adopted them to make it their signature dishes. For eg the Fish roll influence from Sovabazar Rajbari which was a regular hang-out of the British officials who lended their western touch to it and the safed ilish or lal mangsher pulao which specialities of Cooch Bihar Rajbari influenced by Marwar, Rajasthan. 
We were served a thali of selected Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian dishes.

To beat the heat, we were served with Masala Chaas which was loaded with curry leaves and spices.

We started our food rendezvous with starters- Fish roll and Postor bora narkel diye. 
The fish roll held me in awe with its packed crusty crumb and the mace flavoured prominent filling. 

The vegetarian array of dishes were the Aam diye Mausur dal which was pure comfort dal with chunks of raw mango, Potoler dorma and Begun Basanti, my favourite of the day. Lightly besan coated and fried pieces of brinjal with a beautiful mustard prominent gravy made my taste buds supremely happy. 

The non vegetarian dishes were equally impressive with the Safed Ilish which turned out to be everyone's favourite. The delicate Ilish fish with mild flavours was a royal treat to all of us. 

The mutton section had two offerings in a dish called Gumo aanch er mangsho and a lal manghsher pulao. The first one is meat cooked in slow fire, by putting dying charcoals on top, a classic example of the dum style of cooking famous in Mughlai kitchens. 

The lal mangsher pulao is from Cooch Bihar influenced by Marwar, Rajasthan. 

Another interesting dish was the combo of Machher kochuri and sada aloo hing morich. The fish kachoris were gulped down with the lightly flavoured potato dish in no time. 

The dessert served was the Burdwan er lyancgha and Aam sandesh. 

This event will be celebrated from 21st May onwards. 
The Raj Barir Khawa dawa will be hosted at the Buzz for Lunch (12:30 PM-3:30 PM) and Dinner (7:30 PM-11:30 PM) and will be available in set menu under the Niramish and Amish Bhoj priced at Rs 550-Rs 850


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