Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Flavours of Telangana..!

Kolkata Food Bloggers with Master Chef Sakala Sankara of the ITC Hotel

"Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It's not about nutrients and calories. Its about sharing. Its about honesty. It's about identity".-Louise Fresco.

The quote above, in my opinion, couldn't be more truer than in connection to my experience with the 'Flavours of Telangana'; an exquisite cuisine from the state of Telangana in south India, presented by The ITC Sonar, Kolkata, at their Eden Pavilion, from 12th February to 21st February, 2016.

With Kolkata Food Bloggers it was indeed a pleasure to get the glimpse of the same.

The range of daily changing menu was intricately crafted by Master Chef Sakala Sankara himself who hails from the, now rechristened state of Telangana, and has developed mastery over the regional cuisine. 

Master Chef Sakala Sankara
I was surprised to see the variations in flavours and preparation of  so many dishes that was far beyond the conception of usual South India cuisine that we normally encounter in north Indian restaurants and sidewalks. Indeed I was blown over.

In the starters we were treated with 'Karjam Vepudu' or lamb liver spiced with onion and chilies. The touch of the curry leaves in it along with other spices was spectacular. It was devoured in no time and reordered again. 
Karjam Vedupu - Lamb Liver spiced with onion and chilies

In the main course the tangy spiced fish pulao or the 'Chapa Pulusu Pulao' was the first type of fish pulao I had had. Very beautiful balance of flavours. At first look it almost looked like a biryani. 

Chapa Pulusu Pulao

'Gongoora Mamsam' or Mutton cooked with Rossel Leaves was very soft, succulent and juicy with beautiful flavour of the rossel leaves. The mutton was slow cooked to perfection.

Gongoora Mamsam- mutton cooked with rossel leaves. 
The 'Royyala Vepudu' or Prawn tossed in thick Onion and tomato gravy was a treat to devour. It was not as spiced as it looked. 

Royyala Vepudu - Prawns tossed in thick onion and tomato gravy. 

'Vellulli Kodi' or Garlic flavoured Chicken was as distinct as the other two of its compatriots. Very beautifully balanced flavours and perfectly spiced. 

Vellulli Kodi - Garlic Flavoured Chicken

Ragi Sangati, ragi flour cooked with rice and napped with fresh ghee was an entirely new dish I had tried. Very soft and flavourful. 

Ragi Sangati - Ragi flour cooked with rice in ghee

Coupled with the blend of raitas like mix fruit raita, mint raita and vegetable raita, the Flavours of Telagana was indeed a very special treat to have been invited to by the ITC Sonar and we from the Kolkata Food Bloggers have absolutely enjoyed it to the hilt.

The Flavours of Telangana would be on till the 21st of February 2016 at the Eden Pavilion of ITC Sonar, Kolkata. 

Happy Telangana

Vishal Tupper             

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