Thursday, 10 December 2015

Momo Lover's Delicacyz..!

There is a word in the food world that started as a name of humble dish somewhere up in the deserted pocket on the Himalayan Range that now has become a culinary league by itself. Its a dish that now is universally loved by one and all, from young to old and people from all walks of life. It is one of the few dishes that one can find people selling as a street food to to all the way up at five star and fine fining restaurants. You must have guessed the name of the dish. Yes its the humble Momo.

My first thought, reviewing Momo Lover's Delicacys as a part of Kolkata Food Bloggers Team, was what can I expect and not expect for the outlet to offer.

There were two simple point for me to consider.

The first was how would a new outlet such as this, amidst zillions of others in the city, can place itself into recognition.

The second thought was if the momos at the outlet would be able to level or even breach the two other places in the city which I consider the best place that gives momos.

My first impression of the outlet as I approached it, situated at the parallel street from Gariahart Auto Stand (which was simpler to find than I originally thought). was the cleanliness and organization of the same.

I noticed that they had trade marked their brand, which a lot of other places do not even think about in the beginning.
Then I noticed that they had taken a lot of small details into consideration such as fire safety and having a clean looking staff to work.

We met up with the manager, and later the owner, who was very courteous. We talked a lot on how the idea sprout out in his mind while he was working for a job and then decided to quit and start this full time.

Moving over tot he menu card I was first of all quite amazed at the range of momos that they had to offer. We setteled for trying Mutton Momo, Fish Momo, Chicken and Veg Soya Momo.

This was the first time I had mutton momo. I never could imagine that we could have momos made from mutton also. It gave a very beautiful flavour. At the outset along with it the soup that was served as an ac-compliment was simply outstanding. It was one of the best momo soup that was served to me. Stock with a touch of lime leaves (that is generally used in thai dishes) gave a very beautiful flavour. In my opinion, the soup could have the ability to be sold just by itself without the momos and I would go back over and over just because of it.

The Fish Momo was outstanding. Very amazing fill of the minced fillets. It was interesting that the outlet made these momos in different shape to identify from one to the other.

The chicken momo was the true test as it was this that help me to compare it with other outlets. I expected it to have a very thin maida on the outside and with a lot of chicken inside. Of course there is a ratio to consider with the other mince as well but a lot of other places give more proportionate of onions than chicken. When there was a time when the price of onion sky rocketed I did notice some momo outlet mixing in huge amount of cabbage in place of onion. Nevertheless, in the mid segment market, outlet generally use a lot of onions/cabbage and just traces of chicken and sell them as chicken momos. At the Momo Lover's I was very impressed with the wholesomeness of chicken that they had filled and now I must admit that it now has become my third point in the city that gives really good momos.

The veg soya momo was very interesting as it had a beautiful mince of the soya chunks along with other beggies that go with it. Something different in a way that if I am given to have the soya momo, I would probably not miss eating a non veg momo. Certainly a lot better than just plain veg momo.

I am very thankful for the Momo Lover's Delicacyz for inviting us to relish their really amazing momos. It certainly is an outlet where they have announced their arrival and I am optimistic, given that they maintain their quality, they would be a great place to make a bee line all the time.

Happy Momo-ing

Vishal Tupper

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