Friday, 25 July 2014

Chocolate mousse-2 ingredient recipe

We are at the threshold of a new beginning. A new chapter is awaiting to unfold in our lives. Our tiny tot (who is three years now) is about to join school. Vaanya is about to enter a magical world of learning new things everyday, of making new friends and of understanding the things about life. Vishal and I, as any parent, are both very anxious and excited at this stage. Our talks revolve around discussing schools nowadays. A girls or a co-ed, a convent or an international, an ICSE or a CBSE....why is choosing a school so difficult. 
With so much going around nowadays, getting to hear horrific incidents about the things happening in schools, I sit and wonder what exactly am I looking for. Do I put her in a school that thrives on reputation since ages or do I put her in a school which exceeds in the number of extra-curricular activities they engage the child into. Every school has its own positive and negative aspects which naturally makes the whole thing all the more difficult.
We as parents want Vaanya to grow in an environment where she learns the values, the discipline and the true essence of life. We want her to enjoy the wonderful days of school and become a beautiful, sensitive and a caring human being.   
After some years, we will face this same anxiety while choosing a college for her and then after more years while getting her married. Parents and their anxieties...we now understand. Circle of life, they rightly say. 
For my 'Sweet Day' this time, I am sharing an extremely easy and quick eggless chocolate mousse. It just requires 2 ingredients and is as simple as ABC.

Ingredients : Serves 2
  • dark chocolate, roughly chopped to fill 1 cup (I used Morde dark compound)
  • 1 cup whipped cream

Procedure : 
Take some water in a pan boil it. Reduce the heat to medium and let the water simmer. 
Take a bowl big enough to fit on top of the pan in a way that the water should not touch the bowl.
Add the chopped chocolate to the bowl and place it on top of the pan and allow it to melt over the simmering water. Be careful as to not let the chocolate burn.  
Allow the chocolate to cool little bit. 
Keep about 1/4 of the whipped cream aside for garnishing.
Add 1/2 of the whipped cream to the melted chocolate and fold gently. 
Add the remaining half and fold it gently too. 
Once you see no more of the white streaks in the chocolate and the cram has been folded well, divide the mixture in serving glasses/bowls. 
Refrigerate for 2 hours to set.
Garnish with whipped cream piped on top through a star nozzle and some chocolate shavings. 

Notes : 

  • You can alternately melt chocolate in the microwave for about a minute in 10 sec bursts.
  • You may add some brewed coffee to the melted chocolate to intensify flavours. 
  • To make chocolate shavings, simply grate a bar of chocolate. 

Happy Mousse devouring


  1. an easy dessert... yum yum yum

  2. Hello Amrita, Your predicament in deciding the right school for your child is truly justified. Are'nt we all scared of the child abuse happening all around? it becomes all the more scary if it is in schools. Well i would personally advice as a friend that you visit the schools that you've zeroed on. Talk to the Principal and insist on meeting the teacher. After all it is the teacher who will be handling your child.The school that is closest to your philosophy of teaching would be the best. Rest, we have to have faith and trust and pray that all goes well. I hope you are able to decide on the right school and feel happy with your decision. Now coming to Mousse, you deserve accolades for making it so simple. Magic with just two ingredients. You are right, it is actually as easy as ABC! :)

    1. Namita, firstly thank you for always reading the posts. Means so much to me. Thank you for the pointers, shall keep them in mind.

  3. I can very well understand what you are going through...I have achieved that particular span of time but getting more tensed as days are going by...Since now a days a feeling of insecurity is trying to strangle each moment... Hope Vaanya will get admitted in a school after your mind very soon..

    Loved the dessert but more liked the pictures....beautifully captured and perfect focusing...

    1. Yes I know Kamalika, sooner or later we all sail in the same boat :) Thank you for commenting on the pics...means a heap lot :)

  4. Yummy mousse dear.congrats the kid all the best dear

  5. Hard to resist to this luscious dessert.

  6. Hi Amrita... Lovely nd easy one... :)



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