Tuesday 22 April 2014

Breakfast spread at The Corner Courtyard

The ancient proverb, “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper”, is seldom followed especially with our Indian Food habits. We usually tend to do the opposite and then blame everything else around us for the ill benefits of it. 
Eating breakfast outside is usually synonymous with indulging in all sorts of junk food from poori sabji to samosas. The concept of 'Breakfast fine dining' where you are served fresh, healthy and delectable options is a new concept for Kolkata and is catching up fast.
The Corner Courtyard has recently introduced its breakfast spread where they continue their promise of  delivering fresh ingredients and an interesting menu. You have a wide range of choices from all sorts of egg preparations, breads, sandwiches, fruity dishes, beverages etc.
Me and Kamalika were cordially invited and greeted by their amazing and enthusiastic team. Chef Chanchal led us through the making of each dish and awed us by his beautiful presentation along with the delicate flavours of it which is clearly marked with the use of the most freshest of ingredients. 
Here are some of the choicest dishes we had the opportunity to sample among the other detectables on the menu.

Who ever thought a bed of fresh fruits topped with muesli and hung curd with a little drizzle of honey that they like to call 'Flipped Parfait' can delight your taste buds so much that you happily go for more helpings. The presentation of the dish is as delightful as the taste with delicately sliced kiwi and red grapes. I was very impressed with the health factor that the dish imparts. Chef Chanchal tells us that they add nuts and dry fruits to the muesli to enrich it further.

An inside peek of the Flipped Parfait

Soon to arrive was another fruity affair called 'Muesli with honey crusted banana with a fresh fruit mash'. Another super healthy dish with fresh bananas coated with slightly crushed muesli along with a melange of chopped fresh fruits.

'Fruit wrapped Pancakes' from their sinful delights menu was a brilliantly presented dish with chocolate drizzled pancakes (more like crepes) stuffed with fresh fruits combined with honey and fresh cream. The dish was a visual treat and a wonderful combination of the ethereal pancake and fruits.

Our savoury tooth was finally satiated with a beautiful dish from their vegetarian section called 'Stir fried assorted veggies, served with baked beans, cheese toast and mashed potato'.
The vegetables were perfectly seasoned and crunchy. Chef Chanchal informed us that he used oyster sauce and Worcestershire sauce to the veggies. I personally loved the flavour of baked beans which went perfectly with the entire dish.

Next to arrive was 'Mexican omelette topped with shredded cheddar cheese served with salsa and baked beans'. I loved the chunky omelette with vegetables thrown in. The baked beans was again brilliant.

As we were about to leave, chef Chanchal came with a dish that he made especially for us. He presented us with a plate of delicately rolled julienes of Norwegain smoked pink salmon with a dollop of cream cheese adorned with a basil leaf. This was served with a balsamic reduction. Me and Kamalika thoroughly enjoyed this dish and polished it off quickly in spite of a rather full stomach. The woody smokiness of the delicate pink salmon is a treat in itself.

Have you heard of dessert for breakfast? Well for a dessert freak like me who can have it any time of the day with any meal, I had the most famous dish of their menu aptly called 'Sinful Choco Oreo pancake stack'. Not only this dish was stunning but a treat to my sweet tooth with three chunky pancakes sandwiched with oreo crumbs, crisp roasted walnuts and a perfect hot chocolate sauce. The fruity bits added an extra zing to it.

Situated at Sarat Bose Road, The Corner Courtyard is open for its breakfast spread from 8 am to 11 am.

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