Sunday 19 January 2014

Sea Food Sensation, Swissotel- Review

Along with the Kolkata Food Bloggers Group we had the fortuity to satiate through the gourmet indulgence in the Swissotel Kolkata's Sea Food Sensation scheduled from 15th to 26th January, 2014.

The Seafood Sensation was a perspicuous expression of an exquisite dining experience that was augmented with an extraordinary hospitality. Along with our wonderful hosts Enakshi, Maya and Anuj Bidani we had the added opportunity of having Chef Sanjay and Chef Mahesh, specializing in pastries and sea food respectively, interact exclusively with us and explain elaborately the intricacy of the seafood and the dessert selection.

The menu in the offering had a selection of seafood dishes from around the world. Each dish was very original and specific to the particular region from where they were derived. To maintain absolute authenticity the restaurant imports all the ingredients of the dish from the region/country they represent. 

Yum Talay was a thai salad having a beautiful spiced dressing which hit the palate in an very individualistic notation. The mesclun, which is a green salad made from a mixture of edible green leaves and flowers along with scallops and squid gave a beautiful harmony to the dish.

Seared Scallops had an amazing presentation with Cauliflower Veloute, which is a white sauce made from the roux of butter and flour with cauliflower inducement, lemon scented crumb and Daikon, or the flavoured raddish. The dish was brilliant with the synergy of the cauliflower sauce, seared scallops and flavoured raddish.

In the main course we had the legendary Lobster Thermidor with asparagus, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and garlic bread. This is a traditional French dish where the lobster meat is served in the beautiful shell of the lobster itself.  The cherry tomatoes had a dramatic burst in the mouth like a subdued culinary bomb waiting to explode and had wonderful flavours and juices that complimented the lobster.  

The salmon in the Norwegian Salmon was directly imported from Norway. The fleshy salmon was very pink and had a beautiful crispy crust and was accompanied with salsa verde and mashed potatoes. Overall a beautiful dish with the natural rich omega tinge that salmon brings by itself.

Chermoula Spiced Fish was a Moroccan origin dish with the fish marinated in coriander paste and other spices.

The Seafood Sensation at the Swissotel was true to its name, an absolute sensation. Each dish was very different and had ingredients that was very original to the region of the dish. A dining experience that breaches standards and quality found in the city. The genuine hospitality that literally carried the extra mile walk was very extraordinary. It is definitely worth the drive all the way up to the Swissotel. 

The buffet range had a concoction of very distinctly flavoured dishes. Each dish had its own characteristics which overall complimented the theme for the evening.

The range of soup, salads and main course did give a challenge to brainstorm the selection. Each dish was very distinct in its characteristics and flavours.

The dessert spread was comparable to a meal by itself with an amazing spectrum of cakes, pastries, tarts etc.

The Creme Brulee needs a special mention as it had a taste and texture to micro perfection. The torched surface that created the thin glass like brittle crust was like a sheet over the ocean of light cream and without the pungency of the egg flavour. A very classic dish made to an absolute perfection.
The Opera pastry had a perfect balance of its main flavours which comprises of the chocolate ganache, almond cake and coffee buttercream layer. 

In the aftermath of the dessert delight, when we thought that the evening was plateaued off the sweetest note, there was a crescendo to a higher peak which the culinary symphony of the swissotel reserved as an unexpected accentuato with the Paan and Nolengur ice cream.  
The Paan Ice cream had the mesmerizing effect reminiscent to the experience of having the freshest meetha paan. The paan ice cream was served with gulkand, which is one of the essential ingredient in meetha paan, and each bit of it transported us into a spell which punctuated only with exclamations of utter culinary satisfaction. 

We, along with Kolkata Food Bloggers, have been absolutely enthralled, exhilarated and elevated to experience one of the finest dining experience in the city with an extraordinary hospitality and reception. The overall experience at the Swissotel has become a new bench mark for comparison and standards. 

Vishal & Amrita

The views expressed in the review is purely an individualist opinion. The reviewers were not paid or offered any incentive for favorable expressions and the review presented is honest and unbiased.


  1. Fabulous event with all those fabulous food. I am loving the Norwegian salmon.

    1. Hi Nava-K, we had an excellent time here and enjoyed everything.

  2. Hi Amrita, nice review. Everything look so delightful and scrumptious. Thanks for sharing your very well taken pictures.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Thank you for appreciating Amelia, we had a great time.



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