Thursday, 29 November 2012

Khejur/Nolen/Gur-er Payesh/Kheer/Date palm Jaggery Rice Pudding

Winter is definitely the Foodie season!
With the nip in the air and the days getting shorter, its  the best time of the year to make and eat winter delicacies. Its also time of the year to have the markets flooded with Notun/Nolen/Khajur Gur/Jaggery. With so many synonyms, you may well understand its popularity in this part of the world. 
This type of Gur/Jaggery is basically made from boiling the sap of  Date Palm tree unlike the usual one which is made from sugarcane.
This very easy and traditional recipe served in an earthen pot with a lone Frangipani flower is my ode to mark the sweet beginning of the wonderful winter season and the sweet end of the event I have been Guest hosting for this month-Favorite Rice Dishes

  • 1 litre milk
  • 2 tbsp rice
  • 3 tbsp notun/nolen gur/jaggery
  • 1 crushed cardamom for garnishing

Pour milk in a thick bottomed pan and bring it to a boil. Lower the flame and add washed rice.
On a medium flame let the milk cook, stirring continuously, till it reduces to half the quantity. This should take anywhere between 10-15 mins.
Once the milk has thickened to your desired consistency, turn the heat off and add the slightly crushed gur. Mix well and let it cool. Adjust sweetness to your liking.
Pour the cooled Payesh/Kheer/Rice pudding in an earthen bowl and garnish with crushed cardamoms.

Sending this recipe to Favorite Rice dishes

Happy Payesh Eating


  1. My hubby loves the British rice pudding, Im wondering if he will like this too. :)

    1. I do not really know about British Rice pudding..will find out. Hope your family enjoys it anyways.

  2. love this healthy kheer looks divine

  3. this kheer is new to me Amrita! must have tasted delicious with Date palm Jaggery.

    1. Thanks for liking Swasthi..this is a very famous kheer from Bengal.

  4. Hi Amrita, I've not eaten this, something new to me but it sure look tempting.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Tempting does mean good!!!! If you get hold of this jaggery, do try it!



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