Sunday, 10 June 2012

Low Calorie Potato Wafers

What are your first thoughts when you hear 'Potato Wafers'? Those who love it, may call it very yummy and crispy. Those who worry about the calories may call it oily.

Potato wafers are something all of us have had at some point of our lives. Very rarely will you find someone who does not like them. Nowadays it is a huge part of the new generation's diet culture. 
When we were in school, we used to have those desi fried potato wafers. Nowadays the markets are flooded with popular brands like Lays,Uncle chips etc. Go to any corner of our country and you can spot those small colourful packets of potato wafers. I see a lot of children wanting these colourful packets of calories and their parents having no choice but giving in to their demands. Hide as much as you can, you cannot escape because of the numerous ads and their easy availability.

When I came across this recipe I didn't think much of it. Majorly because this recipe calls for the use of microwave for making the potato wafers !! Now I am the kind of person (and I am sure a lot of the readers too)who use microwave only to warm up food stuff. I have tried 1-2 recipes in the microwave but have never been satisfied. I guess it is because we are the generation who trust in our 'chulha' more!
But the experimental chef in me gave it a try because it is very very simple and uses ingredients that we almost always have at home. I couldn't believe that the thinly sliced raw potatoes can become so crisp and crunchy in the microwave especially considering I do not have the convection mode in my microwave. 

The recipe credit goes to the blog I love to follow Cakes and more!  

  • 1-2 potatoes(as per your requirement)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil (you may use refined oil too)
  • salt to taste
  • red chilli powder to taste
  • 1 tsp dried thyme or oregano or any herb
  • 1 tsp garlic powder(optional) (you may try garlic paste)

  •  Peel and wash potatoes

  • Slice them thinly with a slicer or a knife (slicer is recommended as you will get equal thickness of the wafers which will help in uniform cooking)

  • Pat dry all the slices

  • Take a bowl and mix oil with all the spices 

  • Dip the potato slices and coat them well in the oil and spices. Keep it aside for 5-10 mins.


  • Take the microwave plate, lightly grease it and place the slices all around the outer edge. Do not keep any in the middle of the plate as food kept in the middle of the plate gets cooked faster, and may cause it to burn by the time the rest of the slices are done. 
  •  Microwave on high for 1 1/2-2 mins. Turn all the slices and microwave again for 1 1/2-2 mins or till the slices turn brownish.
Note: It is recommended to keep a check intermittently less the slices should burn as microwaves vary with type and made.

  •  Leave them to cool for 5 mins and then devour them and be amazed by their crispness!!

I found a reason to try them again this weekend to team with the 'khichdi' I made. Needless to say I enjoyed those crispy low fat wafers with my khichdi-perfect combination !!

You can try a number of flavours- like a hint of tomato ketchup with spices for a tangy taste or some grated cheese with garlic for that cheesy yummies !! The choice is limitless.

Sending this recipe to Kolkata Food Bloggers ongoing event Microwave Expedition where Indrani (The Recipe Junction)is the featured blogger.   

Happy Microwaving !!


  1. Oh! How wonderful! Ronny and I learned that the microwave can make things crispy very quickly when he tried to heat a poori for me, to eat with aludum while we waited for our 'always late' guest. It turned into a papad - so we made papdi chaat instead :)

    I avoid potato chips like plague - nothing but 'colorful bags of calories and salt!!'But your take on healthy potato chips makes me want them...ummm..

    1. haha.. thats how we discover things !!
      i personally am not a big fan of chips myself but these quick and less oily ones have made me try them often !!



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