Tuesday 20 March 2012

Welcome to Sweet 'n' Savoury

As we know food is a common denominator that unites our family and our whole world seem to revolve around it. Keeping this in mind Amrita and I have initiated this blog so that all of us can share the 'togetherness factor' amidst our everyday chaotic lifestyle.

Cooking (and eating) for us is truly a stress buster and a common platform that unites our family. The inspiration, teaching and example is best witnessed in our parents who selflessly and passionately make outstanding meals day in and day out.

Since our family is spread out from Punjab to Bengal and from the north to the south of India and in many cases out of India as well, sharing our cooking will enrich and enhance our skills to no end.

Amrita is very fond of baking and has a keen interest on desserts. I, on the other hand, am in the process to learn a lot of savoury dishes. Maybe that's why we have named this blog Sweet 'n' Savoury.

Look forward to sharing lots of yummy experience with each other.


Amrita and Vishal

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